In this category belong all types of electric heaters which are an integral part of many appliances used in any household, such as:

• Heaters for boilers– (These heaters are used for heating water in different kinds and sizes of boilers).

• Heaters for Tanks–(  Heaters are used for direct heating liquid media such as water, oil …They are equipped with threaded or flat mounting flanges made of steel, stainless steel or brass.

• Heaters for washing machines(Tubular heating elements are made of stainless steel with mounting flanges, gaskets etc. Heaters are resistant to presence of detergents and other aggressive solvents)

• Heaters for Dishwashers– (These tubular heating elements are specially designed for use in machines for washing dishes, glasses... Heaters are made of stainless steel durable to presence of detergents and other aggressive solvents.“)

• Heaters for Radiators– ( These heaters are used as addition to existing heating system or in independent heating devices such as oil radiator, panel and marble radiators.

• Heaters for electric cooking stoves- (For heating ovens in electric stoves we produce various kinds of tubular heating elements, for static air heating upper element with or without grill element and lower element and fan heating element. Tubular heating elements are made of stainless steel tubes and always are dark annealed).

• Heaters for Toasters

• Heaters for storage heating devices, space heating devices, and fan heating devices, (These heaters are produced as tubular heating elements and ceramic heaters. They are designed to withstand high temperatures and maintain mechanical properties. Tubular heating elements are made of stainless steel and always are dark annealed.)

• Heaters for barbecues- (Tubular heating elements, bent in various shapes to allow even temperature distribution over entire surface of grill, are the most common solution for portable household grills. Heaters for grills are made from stainless steel tubes with highly oxidized surface to improve better heat transfer by radiation and mechanical strength at high temperature,

• Various Heaters for all small household appliances, - (different kinds of heaters for small household appliances such as toasters, irons, kettles, jugs, coffee machines, small fryers, etc.)

For all these appliances in a household already we produce standardized models of electric Heaters, and also we are always able to expand our range and any new model of electric heater can deliver on special request of our customers.


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