In this category belong all types of electric heaters which are an integral part of many appliances used in catering, such as:


• Heaters for fryers (Heaters for deep fat fryers are made from stainless steel tubes and directly immersed in frying oil. Volume and shape of the fryer determines shape, number and power of heating elements. Heaters are design for “professional” use for restaurants, bars and hotels as well as for domestic fryers and have long lasting lifetime) .


• Heaters for grills and tilting frying pans – (Heaters for grills and pans are made from stainless steel tubes with highly oxidized surface to improve better heat transfer by radiation and mechanical strength at high temperature. They are used for standard radiating grills or can be clamped to iron pans) .


• Heaters for industrial laundries and industrial Dishwashers- (These heaters are specially designed for use in “heavy duty” washing machines in hotels, restaurants, hospitals etc. Tubular heating elements are made of stainless steel with mounting flanges, gaskets etc. Heaters are resistant to presence of detergents and other aggressive solvents. We produce heaters for dry cleaning machines, too .)

• Heaters for dryers – (Heaters are used for drying in machines with different capacities. They are always made of stainless steel tubes. We produce finned tubular heating elements for dryers with stainless steel fins which increases heating surface and decreases heater temperature thus lengthens heaters lifetime) .


• Heaters for bread and pizza ovens – (Since these heaters are in constant use in bread and pizza ovens they have reduced surface load and always are dark annealed. Heaters are made from stainless steel tubes and have good mechanical strength at high temperatures and long lasting lifetime. They can be bent to different shapes to meet customer requirements .)


• Heaters for Coffee machines – (  Heaters for coffee machines are mainly made of copper tubes with brass fittings and flanges since the tank of these machines is made of copper. On request we produce stainless steel heaters with stainless steel flanges. We produce heaters for small households coffee machines and tea kettles and jugs .)


• Heaters for industrial boilers, tanks and Bain-maries – (  Dimensions, materials and purpose of tanks and boilers determine shape, power and number of heaters as well as materials of which heaters are made. These heaters are made of copper and stainless steel tubes with different mounting flanges .)

• Heaters for pancake plates(Design to provide even temperature distribution along whole surface of pancake plate. Made of stainless steel tubes, dark annealed according to the costumers demand .)


• Various Heaters for all catering equipment - (We produce other heaters for catering and bakery equipment such as heaters for hot dog, gyros, different kinds of cookies, proving chambers, honey melting, smoking of meat ...)




For all this the most diverse catering equipment we produce already standardized models of electric Heaters, and also we are always able to expand our range and any requested new model of electric heater can deliver on special request of our customers as a new decision in accordance with its needs.


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