In this category belong all types of electric heaters that are part of every branch of industry, such as:

    • Finned heaters - Enlarging heating surface by coiled thin stainless steel or brass strip, or with fins, results in decreasing surface temperature and increasing element lifetime. Method of heat transfer is forced convection by fans or rarely natural convection. Aplication:(Air dryers, shrink foil packaging machines, air conditioners, convectors, protection against condensation and defrosting in electric machines, transformers, high voltage switches etc) .

   • Galvanic heaters -Galvanic heaters with protection sheath are made in ceramic, titanic or stainless steel tubes depending on heating media. We also deliver heating cartridge without tube. Tubular galvanic heaters are made of stainless steel and are shaped according to baths and installation method. Aplication: (Heating of pickling and plating baths for different kinds of surface protection and other chemical and electro-chemical processes).


 • Heating Cables -Aplication: (Maintenance of temperature in pipes, containers and vessels, defrosting of outlet pipes and water collection trays, defrosting of doors and floor heating in cooling chambers, defrosting of evaporators etc).



• Heaters for expansion screws-Aplication:(Large electrical machines such as turbines, generators, motors, ship engines, large presses etc ).

• Heaters for pipe lines - Aplication:(Heating of installations with fuel oil and othermaterials).


• Cast-in and pressed-in heaters -Aplication:(Plastic industry (extruders, plastic welding), packaging machines, heating of tools and machine parts etc),


• Heaters for refrigeration - Aplication: (Defrost - heaters)

• Heaters for Medical Devices (used for medical devices and equipment in laboratories, hospitals, institutes, pharmaceutical industry. Aplication:Dry and steam sterilizers, distillers, etc .


 • Immersed heaters - These heaters represent often solution for direct heating of fluids such as water, oil, etc. Complete heating surface is immersed in heating fluid. Tubular heating elements are U-shaped and welded on threaded or flat flanges or nipples. Wide spectrum of flanges as well as materials for flanges and heaters enables us to meet almost every costumer's requirement. We deliver heaters with protective caps, thermostats and thermal fuses and thermostat protective tube .
Aplication:Boilers, tanks, steam generators, thermal oils, gearing box and hydraulic oils etc .


• Heaters for pellet industry-Aplication: (for all types of pellet stoves, boilers, burners, torches)


 • Cartridge Heaters -Aplication: Plastic industry, packaging industry, shoe machine industry, rubber industry, woodworking machinery, chemical industry, heating of tools and machine parts .


• Band heaters - Aplication:(extruders, Plastic industry etc.)


• Ceramic heaters -Aplication:Dryers, fans, indirect heating of liquids, industrial furnaces, storage heaters etc .


 • Heating Kanthal wires, coils (wide range of dimensions of Kanthal wires to heat up to 1300 ° C, with a diameter of Ø0.1mm to Ø5mm)Aplication: Industrial furnaces, convectors, packaging industry, dryers etc .


 • Resistors -Aplication:(Starting of large electric motors etc)


 • Various other industrial heaters special purpose (manufactured by special requirements of customers)



Here it is important to note that the possibilities of producing any heater which is needed for any sector in the industry, the possibilities of our production are unlimited and it is enough to provide us a drawing, sample, or your idea for what you need and our professional team will design a suitable final product, the best for your needs.


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